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Keep track of all your passwords and important info in one place.

Stop using those online documents, spreadsheets and unsecure notes to store your passwords and other sensitive information. With SecureAppy, all your important private information are always at your fingertips, stored in a single, secure location on your phone that only you can access.

Easily share a few of your passwords with your family members with our secure sharing feature.

Store all your sensitive information in one place

With SecureAppy, you can securely store passwords, notes, bank account info, pins, wifi credentials, security questions, etc. Anything you need to remember for later.

Track your shared passwords with ease

Managing passwords that you share with your family members can be challenging because you often lose track of the passwords you share. SecureAppy lets you securely share private information like passwords, bank details etc. with your family and helps you track them all in one place. Password updates or removals are automatically synced between shared members.

Your security is our priority

All passwords you store in our app are 100% encrypted and only stored on your phone and not on our servers. So they never leave your phone. When sharing, whether it’s your Netflix password, utility account password, or a work account password - it will all be protected with military grade encryption. When you share a password, we delete the encrypted shared info from our server as soon as recipients download them on to their phones, or in 24 hours, whichever comes first. So although encrypted, we still never keep shared passwords permanently on our servers for added security.

Unlimited storage and sharing.

SecureAppy does not enforce any limit on how much information you store or share unlike other password managers. With free unlimited sharing, you never have to restrict yourself. Unlimited storage, unlimited sharing, free forever.

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