SecureAppy Security

SecureAppy is private by design

SecureAppy is designed to give families a private space where they can store, share and organize anything that is important to them in one safe place without worrying about the privacy, security or misuse of their data. That is why we implemented the app placing privacy and security at the core of our design.

Militray Grade Encryption

Any data you save in the app is protected by military grade encryption (AES256 + PBKDF2). SecureAppy uses your passcode that only you know to encrypt and secure your data. This way, no one, not even SecureAppy can unlock or see your data. Your passcode is never shared with anyone, not even with us at SecureAppy and it is never sent to our server for any reason. That is why it is critical that you remember your passcode. Any data you save on SecureAppy is encrypted at the device level and only stored on your phone. It is never sent to our servers because we believe your data should only be in your hands. So you never have to worry about data leaving your phone, unless you share content with your loved ones, in which case it is protected by end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption is explained below.

End-to-end Encryption

Everything you share with your family members is protected by end-to-end encryption. The photos, passwords and notes that you share are all locked before they are sent to your recipient's. Only your recipient's have the special keys on their device to unlock and read the contents once it is received on their phone. End-to-end encryption is activated automatically. You don't have to do anything special to turn it on and there is no way to turn it off.

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